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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Clip Hair LTD, hair extensions review!

Apologies, below is going to be like a life story because, well.. hair extensions are my life! 

Anybody who knows me well, will know of my hair extension addiction, like.. actual addiction! I will not step outside the house without them, i'm in love with them. Since i was young, I've always desired long, thick, fuller hair but never dared to purchase them, scared that they wouldn't look right and wouldn't be worth the money.. That was until July 2011, when  I come across a competition in Twitter run by TOWIE's Lauren Pope, to win a set of full head 20" clip in extensions from her range, and to my surprise, i won! Ever since then, i have become a complete hair extension addict.

I've recently been lucky enough to try out some beautiful 24" double wefted clip in hair extensions from blogger favorite Clip Hair and would honestly recommend them to everybody. It's always risky buying hair extensions online, in-case the colour doesn't match or the quality isn't what you expected but for me, these are definitely one of the best online clip in hair extension retailers around.

- Photo from December 2012 when i first received the extensions.

<< Do I even need to say any more!? Quite clearly, the photo on the left is my dead lifeless short hair before extensions and on the right is my hair after extensions.

They blend into my hair perfectly and many people often tell me that they had no idea that i wear extensions.

They do hair extensions in 38 different colours and as if that wasn't enough, they also offer a FREE colour match service, you send them a picture of yourself and they get back to you recommending which of their colours would match your hair the best. They use only the best 100% human remy hair and offer FREE delivery WORLDWIDE.

This is my most recent photo wearing the hair extensions and they're still in pretty damn good condition considering I've wore them almost every day for 7months.

If anybody cares - Probably not, but just in-case, the dress i am wearing in the photo is from Miss Selfridge and i'm wearing St Moriz medium tanning mousse.  

Check out some other photo's of me wearing the extensions over the past 7 months.. 

So many people ask me how i have the patience to put them in every morning but they're so quick and easy to apply and it takes no longer than ten minutes. Check out this video of the BEAUTIFUL Ellie from Clip Hair showing how quick and easy they are to apply.

Thanks for reading the blog post, hope you liked it! You can view their range at cliphair.co.uk , they offter value for 
 money and are definitely worth every penny. Feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions, lots of love, Adele xxxxxxxx


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