"you've gotta be a fighter, you'll get knocked down again and again, you gotta get back up, dust yourself off and keep going" Peter Andre

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Steal Emily MacDonaghs style! muahahahahah

Anybody who knows us, will know of our love for Peter Andre.. and it would be hard not to notice the perfect perfectness (sorry, only way to describe it) of his beautiful girlfriend, Emily MacDonagh - We've met her and can honestly say, she looks just as gorgeous in real life. Unfortunately, we cannot clone ourselves to look exactly like her, although we CAN copy her clothes. We've done our research and found where to get exact or similar copies of Emily's outfits, so here goes...

- Cyprus

The top Emily is wearing here, is by 'Butter Wouldn't Melt' - A new Bohemian Rebel brand created by celebrity stylist Jade Elliot and her partner Marc Hatton. The brand launched in late 2012 and already has a large celebrity following and we can see exactly why. We are in love with their pieces! The top Emily is wearing is the Hamsa Hand Swing Vest, and can be purchased here for £35.

We're not sure of the exact shorts Emily is wearing in the photo, but we found a similar pair from New Look for £19.99, here

- Playing dress up?

We're not entirely sure what Emily is/was planning to wear this dress for after trying it on, and if we're honest.. we're too jealous to care! Look at that girls figure!!(and hair and face and tan). This dress has also been seen on celebs Lizzie Cundy and Heidi Montag, it is from popular brand Piamichi and is available in four colors. It's not cheap with a RRP of £380 but would be perfect for a special event or prom! To find your nearest stockist or any additional information, email info@piamichi.com

- Stop off at the garage

The jumper Emily is wearing here appears to be the 'Ralph Lauren Mercerized Cotton Sweater' - But that costs £205... SAY WHAT!?!? So we've found you an almost exact copy from Crew Clothing at the lower price of £58.. phew! Available here

We're not sure of the exact jeans Emily is wearing, But we've found an identical pair from New Look.. On sale for jut £14.99 - Available here!

- Sugarhut

What do you wear when you're out in Essex? A dress designed by the queen of Essex herself of course! Emily managed to look classy and fabulous whilst on a night out with Peter back in September. The dress is the 'Marcia' dress from Amy Childs Collection, and is available at the sale price of £32.50, here

- Pride Of Britain Awards

Emily's first time on the red carpet and she rocked it! How perfect does she look!? She is again wearing a dress from the Amy Childs Collection. The dress is the 'Lacey' dress, and available at the sale price(yay sale!) of £45, here


After a £330 dress and a £205 jumper, it's a relief to end on this.. Emily was seen on Peters ITV2 program wearing this cute, casual jumper from... dun dun duuunnnnnnnn.... PRIMARK!  Yay, Emily isn't afraid to rock high street clothes - she's one of us!!! Unfortunately Primark  do not have a website to purchase the jumper from(we wish!!), but visit your local Primark and it shouldn't be hard to find.

Thank you for reading our blog and we hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to leave us any comments.. Lots of love, Katie and Adele xxxxx

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