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Sunday, 17 June 2012


Ok girls, you know how it is.. you have a fantastic time partying the night away in your gorgeous killer heels.. then you step out of the club and realization hits you.. you have to make your way home in those 6.5inch badboys. If you're anything like us, you'll find yourself taking your heels off, and walking barefoot on unclean streets, looking silly with your blistered feet on show to the world. Well that is no longer the solution - Tipsy Feet shoes are the answer and we believe every girl should own a pair.. The shoes are foldable and fold away into a tiny pouch for you to put in your bag ready for a night out, And even better, the small pouch can transform into a larger bag for you to carry your heels in at the end of the night - PERFECT!

1- Unzip your Tipsy Feet pouch.

2- Open it up to discover your Tipsy Shoes neatly folded up.

3- Take your gorgeous comfy Tipsy Feet out of the pouch and slip them onto your feet.

4- You can now open out your tipsy feet pouch and turn it into a large carrier to put your heels in!

Such a smart idea right? Tipsy Feet, we salute you! Since appearing on Dragons Den in 2007, Tipsy Feet has grown and become a very popular, some would even say iconic brand, and we can see why! They have so many styles to choose from.. stripes,  metalic, leopard print, weaved, zebra print, a range of plain colours, and even better the print on the shoe pouch matches the print on the shoe, yeaahhhh! The TPR(Thermo Plastic Rubber) soles in these shoes make them soooo comfy and the comfiest shoes we have ever owned by far! We received some Tipsy shoes from them.. check them out!

They came packaged in an adorable Tipsy Feet box!
A little more toned down look with zebra print tipsy shoes for Adele

AHHHHHH, we love them, they are going to make our lives so much easier! They don't even just need to be for after partying, they can be for after shopping, after work, and they even look good to wear with a casual outfit in the daytime! They retail at £24.99 which is a fantastic price for what you are getting, you can purchase them here and follow the brand on Twitter here .

Thankyou for reading, we are so excited to have brought these into your life.. we hope you love them as much as we do.. how couldn't you?!
Lots of love, Katie and Adele xxxxxxx


  1. I need flats like this, will take so much less space in my bag than the normal one. x

    1. They will :) That's why we love them soooo much, they fold up tiny ha xxxx