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Thursday, 14 June 2012


There are so many small brands starting themselves up in Twitter recently who are doing really well, and we think it's fantastic! One of our favourites is a brand called 'Be Dazzled' - run by a lovely lady named Tina, who sell handmade bracelets, hand decorated jute bags and quality costume jewellery. We were lucky enough to receive a specially made bracelet from them and just look how beautiful it is..

<< WOWWW!!

Stunning isn't it!? So different to most other bracelets, with it's mix of colors and different beads, including the ever so popular 'disco ball' beads. This bracelet feels so light on your wrist and definitely does not irritate you. These bracelets are so glam and would suit any outfit, evening or casual. Be Dazzled bracelets start at just £2.50, YES JUST £2.50, that's the price of your morning coffee, And P&P is FREE. We know we'll be avoiding starbucks from now on to get bracelets instead. Even at such a low price, no expense is spared to make these top quality, check out the cute little pouch they come in..

With such affordable prices these are perfect to give to somebody as a gift.. 
or even as a cheeky treat for yourself ;)

Here are some of our favourites on the website! Check it out here http://www.be-dazzled.yolasite.com/

This Personalised Mini Jute Bag is perfect for those little trips out where you don’t want to take your usual heavy clobber filled handbag and just the essentials!

The Jute Bags are very sturdy and stylish and at a fantastic price!
They can be personalised with any name and will look great in the summer :)
Just £7.99

The children’s bracelets range are perfect for your little princess'!

With 4 different types to choose from, you can’t go wrong and you can personalise them with the name of your choice :)
As we all know, children are growing all the time, so once they have outgrown them, what a perfect keepsake?
Only £2.50 !

This pink and clear sparkling beaded Shamballa knotted design bracelet is stunning!
With an adjustable size, what more could you ask for :)
What girl wouldn’t dream of having one of these?
Totally on trend as seen on many celebs!
At an AMAZING £9.99 !!

This gorgeous ‘SUNNY’ bracelet from the summer collection is fabulous
to wear day and night. The diversity in the colours of this bracelet brighten
up the dullest of outfits making you look stunning :)
Just £2.99

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Please do check out their website  www.bedazzled.yolasite.com and their Twitter www.twitter.com/be_dazzled1 for some stunning Jute Bags and Jewellery at such amazing prices!
Lots of love Katie and Adele xxxxxx


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    1. They are! and we can't believe how well priced they are haha!

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