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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Best Bag Charmsssss!

Have you got a plain old boring bag that you wish was just a bit more glamorous? Well we've discovered the perfect thing for it! A unique brand 'Charm'e Charms' have a beautiful range of bag charms and key-rings with styles suitable for any person. Below are pictures of the beautiful Crystal Daisy Bag Charm that we were sent!

<<<We seen a little joke on twitter from tweeter @StephEllis4 that they 'even make tesco bags exciting' and the truth is - they really do! Check out the photo she tweeted, how cute!

Gorgeous aren't they!? Each charm is handmade using only Swarovski crystals and pearls, plated rhinestone charms and silver plaited chains - so you know you're getting fantastic quality! We love the little 'LOVE' charm on it, spreading love is nice and there's so many stunning colours on the charm which will make your bag stand out from everybody else's! They come in an adorable hot pink pouch which we loveee and makes it a perfect little gift.

There is a Crystal Daisy keyring to match aswell and for just £4.99 you can't go wrong!

Another thing we love about this ESSEX based brand is that you can get a charm personally made to match your exact requirements and style for only £10.99. You have a choice of any color scheme, any charms and any chain! Nothing more personal than that! If we had our choice we'd have a pink barbie style charm with hearts, crystals and love charms all over it.. what would you have!? Get started on your own unique charm here.. http://charmecharms.co.uk/ourshop/prod_2033291-Design-Your-Own.html

Check out their website for more stunning charms, which are even more gorgeous in real life - seriously! They make the perfect little gifts, wedding favors or just a nice little treat for yourself (go on - you deserve it). The website is http://www.charmecharms.co.uk/ and they've now got a sale on - so get in there quick! You can also follow their twitter @CharmeCharms for the latest news on products! Hope you enjoyed reading the blog post!

lots of love, Katie and Adele xxxxxxxx

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